1. Upgraded laptops
    Some of our refurbished laptops we even make better than new. We maximize memory to 6-16GB, add a faster hard drive (SSD/SSHD), brand new OS, and ensure excellent battery condition. We upgrade these machines to their full potential - better than new!
  2. Quality refurbished laptops
    Instead of selling you an untested used system with old parts and an outdated OS, we take pride in truly refurbishing our laptops. Refurbishing is done in a professional, workman-like manner and includes a thorough 2-step cleaning process inside-out and comprehensive functional test; if necessary, repair, replacement, or addition of parts; if necessary, upgrades such as RAM or hard disk; clearing of old data; and installation of a fresh OS.
  3. Free software suites for your homeschooling purposes
    We provide affordable operating systems for refurbished laptops, including Microsoft and Linux systems. We can recommend and install affordable or free software for your office and homeschooling needs.
  4. Warranty
    Standard Return Policy • Return for refund within: 30 days • Return for replacement within: 60 days Remember, refurbished electronic items are all used! Even if the manufacturer refurbishes a laptop, only non-functional parts are replaced. We also do our best to provide a fully functional laptop, but cosmetic blemishes appropriate for the age typically remain.
  5. Hardware and software advice
    Read our buying review blog for different brands
  6. Next sale events!!!!
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We sell used and refurbished laptops - *Microsoft-registered refurbisher*

Why would you want to spend $2000 for a high-end laptop, when you can have a reliable and long-lasting machine as powerful to do everyday tasks at a fraction of the price. This is why used or refurbished HP, Dell, Lenovo Tablet PCs are perfect: They are business-grade machines, built like tanks, and long-lasting and reliable. Hard disks often are specially protected to survive those little accidents. The keyboards are often spill-proof, full size and very ergonomic. These tablets are fully functional and in good condition, ready to work out of the box! Originally priced around $2,000, these laptops are very affordable now!

RE-THINK! What do you really want out of life? Invest in a good, reliable product for yourself, and do something good for the environment? Then RE-USE and RE-CYCLE!

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